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Specimen Box No. 20020
Specimen Box No. 20020
Serial No. 20020

Specimen Box

We humans like to think we’re somehow superior to other animals but, as most biologists will tell you, we’re just another species with a few clever skills. Does it matter if we think we’re superior? I think it does and that’s what Specimen Box is about.

Individuality among animals has the same limitless variety as it does among humans but to see it, we must draw close. Presented in a uniform size and palette of colors this installation offers animals of every category an equal opportunity - scale no longer matters. Everything depends on who is looking at whom.

[Note: This series is not presented as individual images but as an installation containing at least one example of virtually all the major (non-microscopic) animal groups. The pictures shown on this website are only a tiny sample from around 750 different images. Every creature in the installation is dead, with one exception: Homo sapiens. That species is alive inside the Specimen Box. Pictures of the whole installation can be seen under "Installation Images" in the navigation menu.]
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